The Conference Opening Lecture:

Elementary steps in heterogeneous catalysis: The basis for environmental chemistry

delivered by the Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 2007 Professor Dr. Gerhard ERTL


Invited lecture delivered by dr. Andrew Szydło (Highgate School, London, UK):

Two natural scientists: Galileo and Sendivogius


Extended Abstracts of contributions will be published in the semi-annual journal Proceedings of ECOpole.
Full papers will be published in successive issues of the Ecological Chemistry and Engineering/Chemia i Inżynieria Ekologiczna (Ecol. Chem. Eng.) ser. A or S.

Some presented Contributions

J.Bochdziewicz, M.Kuglarz, K.Grűbel - Co-digestion of by-products after biodiesel production and effective treatment of post-digestion liquors

B.Fryczkowska, M.Sieradzka, R.Fryczkowski, J.Janick - Membranes with sensory properties produced from two polymers: polyacrylonitrile and polyaniline (PAN+PANI)

B.Fryczkowska, M.Sieradzka, R.Fryczkowski, J.Janicki - The graphene oxide additive and conditions of PVDF membrane formation influence on a membrane morphology and separative properties

P.Krems, M.Rajfur, A.Kłos - Active biomonitoring of surface waters using an aquatic plant Elodea canadensis Michx.

J.Kříž, L.Hyšplerová, V.Štěpánek, S.Eminger, L.Trnková, A.Dołhańczuk-Śródka, Z.Ziembik, M.Rajfur, A.Kłos, M.Wacławek - Dispersion models of toxic metals from large emission sources on the Czech-Polish border region

E.Kudlek-Jelonek, J.Bohdziewicz, M.Dudziak, K.Grübel - Determination of selected nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the aquatic environment

A.Machnicka, E. Nowicka - Sewage sludge hygienization by pre-treatment and two steps anaerobic digestion from the aspect of pathogens reduction in agricultural utilization of sludge

E.Moliszewska, A.Dołhańczuk-Śródka, Z.Ziembik, P.Godyń, D.Maculewicz, K.Nagrodzka - Bioaccumulative and bioindicative role of fungi in the environment

M.Rajfur, A.Kłos, R. Kozłowski, M.A.Jóźwiak - Application of algae in the active biomonitoring of surface waters 

P.Świsłowski, M.Rajfur, A.Kłos - Active biomonitoring of the surface waters using marine algae Palmaria palmata

E.Tomczak, M.Blus - Sorption dynamics of azo dye-direct Orange 26 onto a corncobs plant sorbent

S.Wacławek, K.Grűbel, Z.Chłąd, M.Stuchlik, M.Černík - The use of persulfate for chemical disintegration of waste activated sludge

S.Werle - Gasification as a method of the sewage sludge management – evaluation of the possibility of the produced gas usage as a fuel

J.Wyczarska-Kokot - Comparison of chloramine concentration in swimming pool water depending on function of swimming pool

M.Zielińska, M.Rajfur, A.Kłos - Interpretation methods of biomonitoring studies results