K. Kózka, M. Wiatkowski
Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wrocław, PL


This paper shows results of the water quality research made on the polish part of the catchment of the trans-border river Biała Głuchołaska. The source of this river is located in the Czech Republic, the total length of the river is equal to 54.9 km, but only 24.3 km lying on the polish side of the border. The total catchment area of Biała Głuchołaska river is equal to 396 km2, but from this only 113 km2 is within Poland. On the polish part of the catchment, a river is passing through some geographical regions like Eastern part of Sudety Mountains, Głubczyce plateau, and Nysa Kłodzka valley. The river is ending her way in water reservoir Nysa located on Nysa Kłodzka river. Water quality analyses were made in two measuring points: 21 km (located below the Polish-Czech border and above the Głuchołazy city) and on 3 km of the river (this point is below all of the thresholds and weirs located on the river above the estuary to the reservoir Nysa). Authors compare results of their own water quality analyses, to the results of water quality analyses made by Voivodeship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Opole city, obtained from 1992 til 2015 and also to the results made by Water Treatment Station located in Głuchołazy city. The water quality of the Biala Głuchołaska River has been assessed in accordance with the regulations in force and water eutrophication has been evaluated. In addition, it was assessed whether the polluted water was sensitive to nitrogen pollution from agricultural sources and whether river water could be used to supply the population with drinking water. The obtained results will contribute to making proper decisions concerning the protection of waters in the Biała Głuchołaska catchment basin and the Nysa reservoir.

Keywords: water quality, evaluation of water useful values, cross-border river Biała Głuchołaska